Cool Iris Plugin: No Images Displaying

I installed the Cool Iris plugin & am getting the links to view the images properly, but when I get over to the cool iris website there is a box for each image that should be there -- but NO actual images showing.

The page I am starting from in my site:

Any ideas?

So it looks like you've properly inserted the necessary code into the header.php file of your theme. That's good.

I'm unsure what you were trying to link to in your second URL, but I looked at your site, and the feed that the plugin creates: is invalid. I'm not sure why.. but it doesn't display a feed at all, but instead dumps the HTML from the page.

I'll look at the code a little more to see what's wrong.. has anyone else run into this problem?


I am having this problem myself. Was there ever a resolution?

I'm having this problem too. Has no one really figured this out in two years?

OK, I now have noticed that the URL that is delivered ends with "rss2" instead of the expected "rssm." (Yes, I did follow the instructions for pasting the code into "header.php") If I manually change this in the URL window, then everything displays nicely. Any ideas on how to fix this faulty URL to the media stream?

Nobody's really working on the MediaRss plugin right now, and the original developer has moved on.

From just looking around a little, the media_rss_rssm function you're supposed to add to header.php will always output the "rssm" URL. It's probably important that you put that function call above the auto_discovery_link_tag call that's already there, because CoolIris may stop at the first RSS link it encounters.

Hi, John,

Thanks for the response. I did discover this morning that the plugin works fine when browsing items and collections--but not exhibits for some reason. I have a test exhibit with pages--perhaps having pages poses a problem. Is there any way to get CoolIris to look at an exhibit page as the source for a media rss?

Again, thanks for the reply.