Controlled Vocabularies

I was wondering if there is any support for downloading controlled vocabularies as as LC Subject Headings?

Funny that you should ask...

There has been a lively discussion on the dev list about this very topic. Implementing controlled vocabularies is a bit complicated because of the density of such sets, particularly the LCSH's which contains nearly 400,000 terms.

We have been discussing this feature for some time and others have requested it as well, so we are aware that people are interested.

If you want to catch up and contribute to the dev list discussion you can follow the thread here:

I've got a version ready for testing at .

I'm especially concerned about whether the javascripts work cross-browsers.

There's been helpful talk on the dev list Sheila linked to about additional features, too. Hopefully I'll be able to build in things like broader-than categories.

Hope this helps!