Contributors need to collaborate on certain exhibit

The Special collection group I am working with will create more than
one contributors to each project they host.
they would like those contributors to be able to edit the exhibit
created by an admin or by on of those contributors.
currently contributor can edit there own exhibits. Even if an admin
created an exhibit there is no way to gave a permission to certain
contributor to access this exhibit and work on it.
I searched and I could not find somebody worked on this before.
Here is the way I vision it:
in exhibit builder meta data form another field added to list names of
then those contributors will be given permission to access this
exhibit builder
then when other contributors accessed there admin, if there name is
listed in the exhibit created by another person, then the edit button
will be show next to the exhibit name.
is there filters/hooks that can be used or i do need to hack the code?

It would definitely call for hacking on the code. What you describe would be fairly difficult to implement because of the way the Access Control Lists work. It really isn't designed to assign access based on a particular username.

A more straightforward approach might be just to give all contributors permission to edit all exhibits. You could do that just by removing these lines from ExhibitBuilder/functions.php, line 161-162

$acl->deny('contributor', 'ExhibitBuilder_Exhibits',
        array('editAll', 'deleteAll'));


May I make a request? Please do not cross-post the same question to both the dev list and the forums. It is better to start in one place so then we don't have unanswered strings scattered about.


Thanks Patrick,

The group agreed to gave the contributor permission to edit all exhibits, however while I am testing as a contributor, I found out I can edit exhibits created by another admin or contributors but I can not delete a Page or a section in the exhibit if I do not own it.

I gave permission to contributor to edit all exhibits but not to delete the exhibit, but they still should be able to to delete and edit pages and sections in exhibit. Is that possible or do I have to gave them permission to delete all exhibits to be able to delete pages and sections in exhibits?


I am still looking for a way to make Contributor edit any exhibit and delete pages and sections in exhibit without gave him permission to "delete all". if that is not possible, I thought about another approch but I am not sure if it is possible.

1- create a new role e.g called creator role that has similar permission to contributor role. attach certain exhibits to this creator role and sign some users to creator role.

this way those users have creator role will have edit all and delete all to certain exhibits.

this way, every time cetain exhibit created by admin e.g that needs to be edited by more than one person, the admin will attach a role e.g role X to this exhibit and then super user will gave certain users role x.

Is that possible? and feasible to be done!

Unfortunately, there isn't really a way in the ACL to attach a role to a particular exhibit. The roles and permissions will always apply across all the exhibits.

Thanks Patrick,

We are trying different approach right now "Group" concept. I am not sure how it will work at the end but I will let you know how it goes in case somebody else is interest.