Contributors contact details - Data protection?

We've just started to set up Omeka and we're wondering if we can use it to keep a record of contributors contact details and if so, is it possible to store that info in Omeka in a way that is inaccessible to the public? I guess the other way is to have a seperate database of contact details perhaps in Excel. Any advice please?

It depends a little on which version of Omeka, and whether you are referring to the Contribution plugin, or "contributors" more generally in admin side of Omeka.

If this is for using the Contribution plugin -- which also means Omeka 1.5, since the updated plugin isn't quite ready to release yet -- then those would go into the additional questions that you can configure the plugin to add to the form. I don't think that those can be kept private, however.

On the other hand, if you are talking about something in Omeka 2.x, and not using the Contribution plugin, then the User Profiles plugin will let you do that.

When the Contribution plugin is ready for release, it will also make use of User Profiles.

Hope that helps

Thanks Patrick. I'll check with my colleagues to see which version we're using. I'm talking about Contributors (the people who have given us material to archive). We'd like to keep their contact details attached to each item but don't want those details to be public.