Contributors add Tags to Materials?


I'm trying to set up the contribution part of my Omeka site and I can't seem to find the way to allow contributors to add tags. I thought that the Simple Vocab did this, but when I added vocabulary to the Simple Vocab plugin it doesn't show up on the contribution page.

I think I'm just missing something basic. Any help would be appreciated!!

First check both plugin versions. The minimum requirements are SimpleVocab plugin 1.2 and Contribution plugin 2.2.

Assuming you've already assigned vocabulary terms to an element in SimpleVocab, you must then add that same element to the contribution type in the Contribution plugin.

It's unclear whether SimpleVocab is the appropriate tool to add tagging to a contribution form, given it allows only one selection per element, but hopefully the above works for you.

I have the newest versions of both plugins.

Under the SimpleVocab plugin, I used the Tags element, but Contribution doesn't seem to have that element. Do you think putting it under a different element would work?

In order for an element to appear on a contribution form, it must be assigned to the item type that corresponds to the contribution type. For example, say you want to assign the "Tags" element to the "Story" contribution type; you'll need to add the element to the "Document" item type. "Tags" should then appear.

I added the element for tag for the contribution types. But now the page on the viewer site doesn't load. I can go to it and then choose which contribution type I want on the actual webpage, but then the form never comes up.

I've checked and it loads when the "Tag" element isn't on, but it doesn't load when the "Tag" element is on. Any Ideas?

A URL to your site would be helpful. There may be a JavaScript error. What item type does the "Tag" element belong to?

The "Tag" Element belongs to the Item Type Metadata. The URL is: The contributor page is still not showing the story and image when I put the Tag element on.

The "Story" option has the Tag element on and the "Image" option does not so you can see both sides. It takes a minute to load but the Image option does show up.

That entire site is very slow to load or not loading at all. I'm not sure the cause of this, but it may be the reason why selecting a contribution type is not loading or slow to load.

OK, your contribution form loads intermittently, and when it does I see the Tags select box containing Cistern, Malta, and Gozo. So it works!

Awesome!!!! It works. So I found that the newest version of Simple Vocab, version 1.3, which wasn't on the download plugin page. A suggestion, you might want to put up the newest version to prevent problems like this from happening.

But good!! Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it!