Contributor Plugin


I have a quick question to the Contributor Plugin. When someone uploads an image via the plugin, I would like to contributor to select the rights of the uploaded image from a dropdown and store that selection with the file metadata. Also I would like to save the image creator as a field as well, which in my case would be different from the creator of the item which will be created by the contribution.

Has somebody attempted this already?



The most straightforward approach would be to add those elements to the contribution types.

But if I add DC:Rights to the contribution type, that gets applied to the created Item Record, not the metadata of the uploaded file. Or am I mistaken?

Ah. I didn't understand that you were looking to apply the metadata onto the File record. You are correct, that it wouldn't be applied to the uploaded file. Something like that would only be possible through another plugin, or through modifying the Contributor plugin

Thanks. If we end up going that route, I will create a fork. Seems like that would be a good feature for the plugin, since you would want both rights and photo credit set for submitted items.