Contributor don't see few items are publics

Dear all,

I've a problem with contributor's role : in a collection 'alpha' i have 291 items that are publics and in frontend these appears very well. But, when i'm logged with contributor's role, in publinc interface like admin interface, only 154 items are available for contributors ??!! I don't undestand this problem, because when items are publics, that's for all people, isnt'it ?

Version of Omeka : 1.3.2, version of Contributor plugin : 2.1.1

Thanks for your help,


Contributors (and all the other user roles, as well as non-users) can view items marked as "Public."

Are you sure that you're not logged in as a higher-role user when you're seeing the 291 items?

Also, note, the "contributor" user role is unrelated to the Contribution plugin.

Thanks John for your reply,

No, not connected whith higher-role. There are more of 400 notices (public and not public) in this collection.

I have indicated the Contributor plugin's version because i thought that there is a relation between the moment where i have installed this plugin and the moment where i saw this problem. Apparently not.

Well, i don't understand so where is the problem. But i tried this afternoon and when i edit an item who doesn't appear whith contributor's role and when i save it without change anything, item is back in collection for contributor !!?

I become so crazy... :)