Contribution Thank You Page Blank, IE6

I know variations on this have come up in the forum, but my experience doesn't seem to match other postings.

When I test the Contribute feature in IE6, everything goes fine. (Per the instructions I added the image/pjpeg to the security settings.) Everything goes fine EXCEPT at the very end, instead of the Thank You message, I get a totally blank screen. Just white space and nothing else. But unlike what I read on the forum, if I hit "back," I don't get an error message. It goes back one page just like it should to the consent form. And THEN, if I go forward again,I get the Thank You screen just like it was there all along.

Any suggestions/thoughts?

Some folks from the community might have some answers, since we are not supporting IE6. This does seem like odd behavior and we have not encountered it with the Contribution plugin.
Anyone else?