Contribution tags?

The couple threads I've seen about this have been a few years old, so I hope it's ok to ask again. Is there a way to enable user tagging through the contribution form? I'm going to be using this for a very large (300+) survey class and I'd like to keep the form dead simple (even simpler than the basic Dublin Core of the regular Add Item screen), so adding all the students as Guest or Contributor users isn't really an option. I'm comfortable with digging around in the php if necessary but I'd like an idea of where to start.

(I'd also like to let users choose the collection to add to, but I'm guessing that's a separate issue)


Contribution doesn't currently have a way to add tags to the form.

A possible workaround might be to have students add the same data as Dublin Core subject, or to create an item type that includes something similar and have students enter the same data in whatever new element you create for the item type.

The Search By Metadata plugin might also help navigation if you use that approach. Unfortunately, it seems that people can't add multiple values via the contribution form, so if that's a need it won't be quite as effective.

Similarly with the collections question -- it can be set up so that contributions go to one collection on the admin side, but not something that the user chooses.

More broadly speaking, am I understanding right that what you really want is a simpler 'Add Item' page, and what the Contribution plugin provides is the closest thing to that that you see?

If so, the Hide Elements plugin might be worth trying to see if it gets closer.

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, ideally I'd like a very simplified Add Item page, and Hide Elements looks like it'll do some of what I need.

I went with Contribution because it has the benefit for this course of being a onestop shop for creating a username and navigating to the submission form all at once. With smaller classes and a similar assignment it's taken more time than I'll be able to manage with this 300+ person class to navigate them to the add item form. Contributor-level users also have more access than I'd like for this class, because I'd like students to be able to add items but not collections or exhibits. (There doesn't appear to be a way to edit the user access levels either?)

What I'd like to do is have students submit a photo, enter their metadata and classify them within the themes of the course, and be able to search through and see the whole class's photos, as a way of talking about what gets historically documented and how it affects our view of the past. Contribution seemed like the simplest way to introduce metadata and house the assignment alongside other parts of the course also being hosted in the Omeka installation without having to teach the exhibit/collection/admin parts of Omeka which are beyond the scope of the course.

Got it....there's not going to be a way to get exactly at what you are looking for (at least not without some fairly significant plugin work). A couple more hacky options might be to change the permissions in the core to remove some of the permissions for Contributors, or a more simple plugin that would make the same changes without hacking the core. Another plugin option might just duplicate the admin-side form on the public side, and restrict access to logged-in users.