Contribution plugin problem with uploading photos

I've recently tried upgrading my omeka from .9 to 1.0 and the contribution plugin has been having issues with uploading photos. Whenever I'm trying to upload a photo I get an error at the top of the Contribute page that reads:

"Something went wrong with image creation. Please notify an administrator."

I'm not sure where to start with this issue and any help would be great.

Failed Solutions:
Reinstalling the plugin.

We did some testing and the Contribution plugin does seem to work correctly. We were able to reproduce your bug when we configured Omeka with an incorrect path to ImageMagick.

So you probably don't have Omeka configured with the correct path to ImageMagick. In the admin page, click the Settings button, and then goto the General Settings section. Then enter in the correct path to ImageMagick under "Path To Convert". Then click the Test button to see if the path to ImageMagick is correct. Then click Save.

Let us know if this works for you.

One more note, there may be an issue with the Test button. Sometimes the Test button gives false-negatives, but it never gives false-positives. We're working on this, but this should not affect your issue if you put in the correct path to ImageMagick.