Contribution plugin Javascript error?

I downloaded and installed the Contribution plugin and it works great in Firefox and IE 8. But in IE 7 it will not allow users to select "Image," "Video" or "Audio." It just gives a javascript error:

Message: Object doesn't support this property or method
Line: 3518
Char: 5
Code: 0

Anyone seen this and knows how to fix it? Thanks in advance!

By the way, this is Omeka 1.0 and Contribution 1.0.

Anyone else seen this? Or has anyone loaded the Contribution plugin and received no Javascript errors whatsoever? That information would also be helpful.

We will investigate this further. I also get a JS error on the form in IE7, but interestingly I'm still able to use the dropdown menus.


Thanks Sheila!

That would be nice if we could still use the drop down even with the error. All I get is ... no change whatsoever, it still acts as if it is on the Story submission no matter what I choose.

Again, just in IE 7.

Thanks for the bug report, snackeru. We're working on a fix now and should have something out soon!

I'm having this issue as well and am interested to find out the solution. Thank you.

Is this being worked on still, or are IE 7 users left not being able to upload their contributions..

We found another bug in the process of fixing the other. Hold on just a little longer, we should have a new copy released within a week.


That's really too bad. Now IE8 is being effected and is running into the same error as the original poster. I hope this gets fixed sooner than later. Thanks for all the hard work!

same issue with our site in IE 6 & 7. At least IE8 is still functioning.

Ok, so we have released an updated version of the Contribution plugin, which you can download from the plugins page:

Documentation is here:

We discovered a bug with IE. I've pasted below the added info from the Documentation here too:

Until we upgrade Omeka 1.0 to Omeka 1.1, you will need to modify your Omeka site settings to combat a possible MIME type error generated by Internet Explorer.

* Go to the /admin/settings page of your site, and scroll to the bottom of the first page of General settings.

* In the "Security Settings" section, paste into the "Allowed File Types" box the following file type: image/pjpeg

* If you do not do this, contributors using Internet Explorer may not be able to upload image files.

Good luck, and let us know how things go.