Contribution plugin displaying all entries

We've set up and configured the contribution plugin, and it seems to be adding items to our site just fine, but when it does they are all "public" even though they are not explicitly flagged as such on the back end.

Is there a way to make items added via Contribution queued for approval before they are published? or to make the "Browse all items" page respect the Public flag?

Hi Dan,

By any chance were you logged in as an admin when you checked the public side of the site? If you are logged in as a super or admin user, you can see everything in your Omeka site appear in the public theme even items that are not checked as public in the backend.

I recommend logging out and then checking, and then let us know if you're still having this issue.

I saw 3 items/contributions in your site, does that sound right?


That would be the problem! Thought I had logged out to test that, but it looks like I had a window in the background still open to the admin page.