Contribution Plugin

Is there a way to have the contribution plugin automatically create a copy of the contributed media file somewhere besides omeka/archive/files? We are gathering media from users and if we want to move it out of Omeka into a preservation system, I want to make sure I can easily locate the files. Thank you.

Could you tell a little more about the details of the use case? It sounds like the desire is to distinguish contributed files from the 'regular' uploaded files in Omeka to download a folder separately. Is that accurate?

Depending on how close that is, there might be other approaches besides separating contributed files and other files to get at what you need. From any item page in admin, you can navigate to the files themselves. It sounds like you have something more programmatic in mind, though?

Yes, what you're describing is what I'd like to have - a separate folder of contributed files. Depending on the amount of content we receive I didn't want to have to go in one by one and download the files from the item page. Any ideas?

On a related note, is it possible to have information submitted via the contribution form go to specific DC fields? I'd like the Image Description text to go to Title, for example. Thanks.


To put image description in title is not recommended, but you can just change the label in the theme.

For the folder of contributed items: In Omeka, all files are obfuscated in the folder "files" to simplify management and to avoid duplicate names. So you should not manage files via a files explorer. So the simplest is to put all of them in a specific collection.

However, if you want to keep original names of files and put them in a specific folder, you can give a try to Archive Repertory.


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management

On the Contribution Types page, you can add or remove elements for the form. You can choose whatever DC elements you want and change the prompt that the user will see. (Though it might make the metadata a little odd, as Daniel says)

You might be able to use the API to programmatically download files from a particular collection. Otherwise, there aren't really options for grabbing many contributed files. For Omeka to work, all items' files need to stay together where Omeka saves them.

Thank you Patrick - I didn't realize it was so easy to change which fields are displayed on the form. I was just trying to avoid having a hundred "Untitled" items with just a description.

I'll figure out a workaround for the file problem.