Contribution plug-in - file upload errors not showing in front end

Hello (again)!

I've been testing our contribution form with a 'typical user' hat on, and therefore tried to upload a file that exceeds the 2MB limit.

Whenever I do this though, rather than displaying an error message which tells me I've done something wrong, the form simply refreshes, clearing all the information I've input so far. There is no indication that something has gone wrong, let alone the file was bigger than allowed.

Compare this to when, for example, I purposefully leave the Terms and Conditions box unticked - an error quite clearly appears at the top of the page.

It's a small problem, I guess, but a frustrating one - I have set up a FAQs page to help users if they're e.g. getting errors, but it will be useless if they can't see they're getting an error in the first place and the page seems to be simply refreshing.

In the interests of keeping my email inbox clear of complaints / queries from users, I thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone can help...?