Contribution Plug-in: auto-add to collection

I'm using a modified version of the Contribution plug-in and I was thinking I might channel all user contributions into a predetermined collection. I noticed a note in IndexController.php saying "Do not set collection_id"... I'm assuming the note is there for a reason, but I wonder if this might be added as an option in future versions?

Our rock star programmer Will Riley is working on a few bug fixes for Contribution. As a feature upgrade, he'll add a configuration option to the Contribution plugin to allow admins to choose a collection for all public contributions.

Thanks for the idea Erin. Just added the feature for the next release of the Contribution plugin.

Will and Jeremy,

Sorry. I'm double posting this question because I meant to post it here, not to the thread below.

Please see...

Basically, between now and the next update, is there a hack I can use to set the default collection?

Thanks -- Erin