Contribution borks 2.0.2

When I try to install the latest Contribution plugin it borks my entire site and throws this error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function loadResourceList() on a non-object in /home/omeka-2.0.2/plugins/Contribution/ContributionPlugin.php on line 220

What's up with that?

Hi Roy,

Contribution isn't updated for 2.0 yet, although it should be coming out in by early May.

We are working as fast as we can through the long list of plugins to update and test them for 2.0 versions.

One thing to look for in the plugin list is the "2.0 compatible" category for all of the updated plugins:

Sorry for the confusion.

I am confused, because lists Contribution and a number of other Plugins I was hoping to use as 2.0 compatible.

I'm sorry @tmore, that is a mistake on the part of our staff.

If you followed the link to Contribution, you'll note that the documentation is still in draft form and the plugin hasn't been released yet.

I've updated the page you cited.

Estimated Omeka community best regards

I wonder if at some point we could have this plugin (Contribution) which complement the 2.0 version of Omeka

thank you very much for your attention


Thanks. We're in -- I hope! -- last stages of testing and documentation-writing for the 2.0 plugin.

Hi, just wondering if the Contribution plugin might be closer to release...?



It is. We're finding and fixing bugs as fast as we can, and making sure it plays well across themes. I think we're back down into weeks rather than months.

That's a great news !!! Will the posibilities of the Contribution plugin remain the same as the last version or should we be exepecting some new options ?

Hope to see it soon !

There are more options for controlling the visibility of submitted items, and it ties into the new Guest User plugin if you want to have people create accounts. With or without signing in, it does a better job for researchers of tracking submitters by email address (previous version didn't tie together multiple submissions by the same person).

Optionally, it can also use the UserProfiles plugin to gather info about submitters and have it attached to the person's record in the database, instead of the item submitted.

There's a new report of a conflict with Geolocation that we're looking in to now.


Is there any news of a release of the contribution plugin ?


Pauline Ziserman.
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Still in testing. Hoping it will be done in matter of weeks.

Adding my voice to the chorus of folks hoping to use the Contribution plugin as well, for a MOOC course. Will Omeka and Contribution scale for a large number of users? Potentially 1000+?

On the scaling, there are of course a lot of variables, such as the server's capabilities and configuration, whether all 1000 student would be working and uploading at the same time, etc, but in general Omeka has run well with 1000s of records.

Great news, thanks.

Unfortunately read this post too late. Was able to delete the plugin and I'm back.

Oh, I had the same problem ! But usually, if you delete the plugin, it should get back to normal.

Best of luck.

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