Contribute plugin

Is there a way for me to change the default box size for the contribute plug in? The boxes are simply too LARGE by default. Especially for boxes like "subject" and "title" where it's not a paragraph long, just a couple of words.

Any help is appreciated!

The easiest thing to do would be to set a maximum width for the textarea in your CSS file.

body.contribution textarea {max-width: 500px;}

If you want to target specific fields (ie just the Subject input field) then you'll need to find out its id, then you'd be looking at something like this:

body.contribution textarea#Elements-1-0-text {max-width: 500px;}

It's not so much the width as it is the depth. For instance the text area is twice the size of the reply box you see below. How do I adjust the height and which CSS file. There was only one that came with the contribution plugin that I could find.

Same general principle, except you use the max-height declaration in lieu of max-width.

If your theme came with a custom.css file, then that's where you'll want to put the code.

It's not a theme, it's the contribution plugin from the add-on section of this site. The only CSS file given to me is in the views/admin/ area. There is not a text area defined in that CSS file.

Your theme's css files are able to control the presentation of everything on the front end of your site, including the contribution plugin.

Okay, I see what you're saying. I checked the Griddy theme and adjusted the screen.css file for contribution. Worked great! Thanks!! Much appreciated.