Connection Reset on MP3 & WAV Upload

I am with a student who is trying to upload several .mp3 files to an exhibit page. We are attempting to upload the files one at a time, and they range in size from 815k to 4.6MB.

Each team time we attempt to upload a file, the server resets the connection. The file sizes are well within the limit allowed by the web server, and Omeka is configured to accept the mp3 MIME type and file extension.

At one point I disabled file type checking in the admin interface, which still didn't solve the problem.

We have also ensured there are no spaces in the file names.

Any ideas what else we should be checking?



What does "resets the connection" look like? Is there an error, is the page refreshed?

Omeka's internal filetype checking will always give you an error saying that's what happened (a disallowed extension or mime type). This sounds more like a server problem.

What does Omeka say is the maximum file size? (It reads that from your PHP settings.)

I don't have access to the php settings file on the server. The message simply reads "the server reset the connection" with no additional information. It does not appear to be an Omeka error message. I am awaiting word from the web admin as to whether mp3 & wav files can be uploaded, and what the maximum file size is.

I could always upload the files directly to the server but would rather go through Omeka.

Omeka, for the last several versions, reports the maximum size to you on the same page as the file upload box.

Thanks. I'm on 1.5.3 and it doesn't show the upload filesize limit. Am planning to upgrade once this round of projects is completed.