Connecting a Collection to an Exhibit

I am trying to connect my items to an exhibit I am building. All my items are public. I have also put all of them into one collection. So, now with ExhibitBuilder, how to I "funnel" the items into an exhibit?

Also, could someone point me to the documentation where it talks about this? Thx.


The basic process for populating an Exhibit with items goes like this:

Once you've created your exhibit and the items you want to put into it, you include the items in exhibit "pages". Putting an item on a page is what causes it to become part of the exhibit.

There are fairly detailed instructions for working with Exhibit Builder on the Omeka Codex. If you start reading at "Getting Started", that page basically explains what you want to do step-by-step.

Thanks, John. I've found what you've pointed out and now have some additional questions.

I've got 40 items. Is there a way of automatically creating pages for each of these using a single template? I've created one page and understand how to do that but do I need to go through that identical process 39 more times?

One other question: when I looked at the page I created with the item on it, the image was the full sized one. How do I make the image smaller?


Are you writing contextual narrative for each item individually that is part of one large exhibit? Or, can this be handled in the items/show.php pages?

For instance, if you look at the Bracero History site, this is an items/show.php page that contains the image and metadata:
A full page of metadata can be acccessed, as well as a larger image.

Alternatively, this is an exhibit page in the Martha Washington site that uses one image with a lot of narrative text:
Clicking on the image, brings you to the items/show.php page:

If you are doing something similar to the Martha Washington site where you are telling a story around one work of art (item), and then the item's description is independent of that narrative, then the answer is yes, you will have to build 40 separate pages.

Regarding image display size, there are exhibit page templates that call the thumbnail rather than the full-size image. You can edit the page's metadata and change the layout.

Shiela, I think we may be doing both in a way. Let me explain.

In our artworks section each image will have a page with its metadata (although we want that to appear in a linear format without the metadata titles under each image). But within the artwork section, we will have the following pages in addition to individual artwork pages: a page of artwork themes, artist bio pages, and a timeline (aside from the artwork pages, all of which I think we can put on static pages, right?). On each individual artwork (item) page I'd like to include comments. I assume I can just add the commenting plugin, but if not, does that mean I'm going to have to build pages like the Martha Washington site?)

Now linked to each artwork page will be related artworks (secondary images that presently are not in our item index --should these be static pages or can I create a second list of items just for these secondary images, i.e. another collection?), and a link to a list of all the artworks in the exhibit (I assume I can build a static page of links here).

Jeff, It doesn't sound like you need to build an exhibit. There is a person item type, so you can make each artist an item and include their bio with a portrait (if you have them). Each artwork is an item. You can decide how you want to display that metadata publicly in the theme), and you can use the commenting plugin for people to talk about the art and the artists. So, if you already added the 40 items you have individual pages for each artwork. You can create links to related artworks and add them directly to the archive. Even if you make another collection, those items (if public) will be available for anyone browsing all the "archive". You can always use your metadata to distinguish those images as ones different from American Art's official collections.