Configuring TinyMCE toolbar

I'd like to add some elements to the default set on the TinyMCE toolbar (in this case an indent option) and to make the window resizable.

Where does the code listed in

need to be placed?

It depends where you want these changes to appear.

Pretty much any page using the editor will be calling that function, and you'd make your changes on the page or pages you want to change the editor for.

I'd like this show on all admin edit pages so would I put the code the edit.php in admin/themes/default/items directory (copying it to my themes/items directory?

Something like this?

mode: "specific_textareas",
editor_selector: "html-editor",
forced_root_block: ""
theme_advanced_buttons2: "indent",
theme_advanced_resizing : true


You can create a separate admin theme, but this isn't really supported. Making changes to your public theme won't affect the admin theme.

If you're looking to hack on the admin theme, the wysiwyg call for the items form is in the file admin/themes/default/javascripts/items.js, near the bottom.


is there a way to add a more extensive version of TinyMCE to Omeka, or to use the actual standard set of TinyMCE functions? The present HTML functions for instance do not even allow to justify the text or add an image to the text.


I agree that there should be an easier way for admins to configure the TinyMCE options.