Configuring Rhythm and Blues Theme


I recently installed Omeka on

I really like the Rhythm and Blues theme.

However, I cannot replace the text "Brief tagline about this exhibit." underneath the title with an actual brief tagline about the exhibit.

Also, even though I marked one or many items as Featured, none of them appear as featured items on the front page.

Any hints?

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I thought we had fixed that in the theme, but we will with a new release.

You can delete or edit this line from the theme's common/header.php file

<p class="tagline">Brief tagline about this exhibit.</p>

That works now, thanks a lot!

Any thoughts on why it always says "No featured items are available" even though I marked all items as Featured?


Are the items that you featured also "public"?

Yes, they are all ticked Public and Featured. (I will try publishing a screen shot of the settings later on today.)

I'm experiencing the same issue. I have a paper checked as public and featured, but I haven't been able to get the paper to show up in the Featured Items section. I've tried featuring other papers as well, but none show. The featured collection shows, though.

Any ideas? Thanks.


The way Rhythm is currently written, it will only return items with images as the random featured item. This is easy to change, however. If you open up custom.php you will see this block of code toward the top:

function rhythm_display_random_featured_item($withImage=true)
    $featuredItem = random_featured_item($withImage);

	$html = '<h2>Featured <span class="type-featured">Item</span></h2>';
	if ($featuredItem) {
        set_current_item($featuredItem); // Needed for transparent access of item metadata.

	   if (item_has_thumbnail()) {
	       $html .= link_to_item(item_thumbnail(), array('class'=>'image'));
	   // Grab the 1st Dublin Core description field (first 150 characters)
	   $itemDescription = item('Dublin Core', 'Description', array('snippet'=>150));
	   $html .= '<p><span class="title">' . link_to_item() . '</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;' . $itemDescription . '</p>';
	} else {
	   $html .= '<p>No featured items are available.</p>';

    return $html;

Simply remove $withImage=true and $withImage from the first two lines and you should be able to display any items as featured.

FYI, we will likely be dropping the image requirement in future versions of the theme.

Hope this helps.

Hi Henry,

We just realized that you were asking about an site, and that you don't have access to the custom.php file in the theme.

If you can just hold on for now, we will be fixing this in the next update to We don't have a date yet, but it will probably be in a few weeks.

Thank you, Sheila and Ken. I really appreciate it. I'll be looking forward to the update.

Is there also why to alter the same rhythm and input some ideas that I have in mine? I am also working on the same thing but I am not aware f making some major changes in the script.

Erwin works for Alexandra Watkins @

This thread is pretty old, so it will probably be best to open a new thread, with more details about what ideas you have in mind.