Configuring index for Berlin theme

Silly question: I am a novice developer and cannot seem to figure out how to edit index.php. I am using the Berlin theme, and just want to rearrange some of the divs on the main page. I can't seem to work on it in Dreamweaver as it contains "dynamically related files," and when I open it in TextEdit, I seem to only access an abbreviated version. Any advice would be appreciated.

It might be that you are looking at the wrong index.php file. Berlin uses the default index.php that's found in /application/views/scripts . You'll want to copy that file over into the Berlin theme's directory.

Hope that helps

That is exactly what I was missing. Thank you!

Just to clarify -- Should I copy that index.php file into the Berlin theme download, modify it, and then upload it as a new theme? Will it automatically pull in that new index page?

It should be inside the theme folder, so that it's path looks like this: