Configuring host for Beanstalk background process

I would like to modify my Omeka installation to use the Beanstalk adapter instead of BackgroundProcess.

I have set

jobs.dispatcher.longRunning = "Omeka_Job_Dispatcher_Adapter_Beanstalk"

The file Beanstalk.php mentions that I must also configure the host, but it does not indicate the name of the configuration setting required. I have tried a few obvious choices without success, including:

  • (as used by ZendQueue)

What is the name of the host configuration setting for the Beanstalk adapter?

Where in the documentation should I look to find this information?

Thanks for any help.

I believe you want to do: = ""

I can verify that Omeka will enqueue a job using Beanstalk at the backend with this setting.

Do I need additional settings in order to have any workers pick up the jobs?

Omeka doesn't run the workers by itself, that's the responsibility of each admin to set up the workers as they want them to run.

We just provide a simple script in application/scripts/beanstalk-worker.php that will watch a specified tube. Starting and restarting the workers is left to the implementer, whether with their own solution or something like supervisord.

Okay, thanks. I misunderstood the documentation.