conditional tags


maybe it would be a good idea to give Omeka some conditional tags (like there is in Wordpress

I've built some for my own needs but maybe they can be better prepared:


Thanks, that sort of thing is very useful. Omeka (and Zend Framework, which it builds on) are sometimes in alignment with WP ways of doing things, but not always. There might be alternate ways of doing conditional things that use ZF more efficiently.

For example, checking for the existence of an $item variable in the view would work just as well, and be more Zendy/Omekay.

That should also be clear in the theme structure of the views, following Zend/Omeka.

Sharing back a library of functions like this would likely be a welcome addition to theming work. They might work well in our globals.php file, or might be a separate file for inclusion in pull requests.

@zerocrates will also have good guidance there about appropriate pull requests to expand the tools for theme-building.