Concoct your Recipes, & Share them

Hi folks,

In case you missed Patrick's blog post last week (, we have been busy at work on editing and re-organizing the documentation.

That means we are ready for contributions to the documentation.

We have created some helpful guides to formatting function documentation and for writing up a "recipe" solution to a common problem related to theming, plugin modifications, or developing something new:

If you have created a particular effect or solved a small issue, you can help the Omeka community by sharing what you came up with. If you have learned from a thread in the Omeka forums, writing a recipe that distills your new knowledge is a great way to solidify it while you help others. We have a few examples already:

We invite anyone to register on the Omeka wiki and contribute.

Please post here if you have questions or any comments about the new formatting or organizational structure of the codex.