Does Omeka have a system for discussion or comments about items? Can items easily be linked to one another?

Hi brix11,

We have discussed commenting on items, but it is not planned for the .10 release.

As for linking, we don't have the same type of linking that Zotero offers in their "related" function. But, in the new release you can more easily hyperlink text in the fields through an optional WYSIWYG editor. In the "relation" Dublin Core field, for instance, you could link to other item URLs.


Both of these features would be useful plugins that extend the basic functionality of Omeka. If you have any PHP programming experience I'd invite you to discuss the ideas on the developers group ( where we can answer questions about developing plugins and provide technical suggestions for implementing them into your Omeka installation.

I know it has been a while since this has been discussed on the forums, but I just wanted to raise my hand and say that I'd still love to have a comments function if it is at all in the mix of future plans.

If you don't mind an external source saving the comments, we do have a relatively new plugin that works with the Intense Debate service.

You might want to try it out: