Commenting Plugin throwing Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli_Exception


I just upgraded (from a v.1x site) to the most current version of Omeka today (2.1.2). The most current version of the Commenting Plugin (targeting Omeka 2.0.2) is throwing the following error when activated, just on the Items Show and Collections Show views. The error goes away when I deactivate the Commenting plugin.

Omeka has encountered an error

Mysqli prepare error: Unknown column 'record_id' in 'where clause'

My upgraded site is at:

I am running this same plugin on another site that I built from scratch in Omeka 2.1.2 (a href="">, but the plugin works fine here.

On the site (that's throwing the error), no idea if this is related....I had to fix that known omeka_sessions table issue before I could upgrade and reinstall then activate plugins.

That's an error in the plugin upgrade script, which should be fixed in a soon-to-be-released new version. Doesn't look related to the session tables issue.

Thanks! I'll watch for the plugin update.