"Commenting" plugin: is it possible to remove fields?

Hello again,
I'm using the 'Commenting' plugin to allow viewers to leave comments on items. First of all, let me say that it's a great plugin and I've had no problems with its functionality. It's just what I was looking for, in fact.

However, I do wonder whether it's possible to remove certain fields and other elements from the user interface? My archive is designed for a community that isn't very computer-savvy, so a minimal interface is best. In particular, I'm hoping to remove "Website" and "Allowed Tags" from the comment interface, and to remove users' pictures from the comment threads. Essentially, anything that could be confusing to people who don't go online much.

If anyone has experience with this, that'd be great. You guys have already been very helpful getting me set up, though, and this isn't an urgent request.


It will probably be easiest for you to use a browser's web inspector or source code viewer to find out the classes or IDs of the elements you want to get rid of, and then just hide them with display: none styles in your theme's CSS.