CollectionTreeList display

If I want to insert the part of the collection tree relevant to my current collection, can I use <?php echo $this->collectionTreeList(); ?> and if so, what argument(s) do I need to pass? I see in the CollectionTreeList helper that it's looking for $collectionTree, but I'm not sure how to set that.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

I think you can do something like this (I haven't tested it, though). Basically, you just need to dig up the collection id, and from that the collection tree.

$collectionId = metadata('collection', 'id);
$collectionTree = get_db()->getTable('CollectionTree')->getCollectionTree($collectionId);
echo $this->collectionTreeList($collectionTree);

That did the trick, Patrick - thank you! I was halfway there; the get_db part was what I needed.

(For anyone else trying to use this - just note there needs to be an end quote after 'id on the 2nd line)