Collection Tree Question

Is there any way to sort the collection tree alphabetically? I like the way that it looks, but the parent collections are listed in what might be the order they were entered, or some random order, and there are a lot of them so that it is difficult to scan the list to see what is there. It is also an issue when you are choosing a collection at the data entry stage, if they were in alpha order it would be a lot easier to work with.

There is currently no way to do this, but the feature may me added in a future version.


We've added this feature to version 1.1. Upgrade and see if it works.

Oh, so much nicer! Thanks!

I'm glad it working for you. I see that there's an error at at least when not logged in. Do you see it? It may be unrelated to the update since I can't reproduce the error on my installation, but if there is an error you should get the error message by following these directions.

There was a bug. It's now fixed and version 1.1.1 is ready.

Great, that fixed it!