Collection Tree, parent collection

I recently installed the Collection Tree plugin. In another thread, someone used the example of:
---Taurus (item, with data and pic)

Because an item can be in only one collection, period, I'm not sure I see the point of the collection tree plugin. Ideally, at every level, including the parent collection Vehicles, a user would be able to see all items in the Vehicles collection, or all the Cars, and in all such cases, the specific Taurus will appear. But in the case of the collection tree plugin, and the collection function in general, the item Taurus only appears in the Ford collection, not in any of the other ones at the same time. Thus, a user clicking on Vehicles, or even "browse items in Vehicles" sees no items associated with that collection, just a link to child collections.

Is Omeka going to address this either in 2.0 or at another point?

I guess a runaround is through tags...but how many users are going to immediately jump to search by tag as opposed to looking at collections?