Collection or repository data in the OAI harvester plug-in

Hi Omeka users!

I am working for a repository that is considering using Omeka for an on-line project. We will need to update OAI DC data from other repositories into our database. When we harvest, can we automatically have each record entered into a particular "Collection" in Omeka that corresponds to the repository? I know we could indicate repository in the "identifier" field, but we will probably need that for a URL that links to the home repository record.

Any advice would be appreciated as we chose our project software


The OAI Harvester plugin automatically puts all items from a particular harvest into a collection of their own.

If you harvest based on a set, the Omeka collection will have the same name as the OAI set name. If you harvest an entire repository, the plugin will create a collection named after the repository's URL.

Of course, you can change the collection name to whatever you want after harvesting.

Omeka's OAI-PMH Harvester plugin maps an OAI repository set to an Omeka collection. Or, if you choose to harvest an entire OAI repository, it maps all those records to one collection. Please elaborate if this doesn't answer your question.


Thank you so very much!

you guys answered my question perfectly. We will either harvest an entire repository, or work with our partners (some of whom are creating metadata specifically for the project) to make sure that their sets are consistent.
Thanks for the prompt response