Collection item page vs Exhibit item page

I hope I’ve posted this in the right section, but while I know you have to add items to a ‘collection’ in order for those items to appear in an ‘exhibit.’ My question goes to that when viewing an exhibit and clicking on an item - say an image – the exhibit item page is not the same item page used when browsing a collection. I’d like the viewer to be directed to the collection item page instead of the exhibit item page. Is this possible? If so, which code should I be looking at? I’m ok at some hacking but certainly not a php guy. I’m using 2.0.4 with the Deco theme.

Many thanks for any thoughts!

I am also interested in this fix. No replies?

The reason that you go to a page specific to the Exhibit is that Exhibits let you change or customize the theme. If we linked directly back to the regular item page, you'd snap back to whatever the global theme settings for the site are.

Currently, if you set the theme to "Current Public Theme" (i.e., no customization), then the links do go directly to the normal item show pages.