Collection Browse showing odd collector names

After I updated to Omeka 1.3, I noticed that on the browse screen for both the admin and the public view, instead of the names of students who added the collections, I have some random(?) code: a:2:{i:0;s:19:"New York University";i:1;s:19:"New York University";}

Not sure where this is coming from or how to fix.

Just noticed that mine is doing this too!


Hi CathyHajo and pcoutas:

Thanks for bring this to our attention. Turns out this is a bug in Omeka 1.3, one we're fixing ASAP. The migration from 1.2.1 to 1.3 incorrectly saved the collector data, omitting the collector's name if that collector also had a value for 'Institution'. If you have your database backed up from your 1.2.1 install, keep that around so you can migrate from it to our eventual 1.3.1 release once its out, and get your collector names back.

Very sorry for the trouble, will keep this thread up to date.


Oh damn, I didn't keep my database backup :( And I've gone and added/edited a whole lot to it since then. If you could give instructions to fixing this easily once 1.3.1 is out, that'd be great (like a batch edit or something?!?).

We've just released Omeka 1.3.1, which addresses problems discussed in this thread. It will correctly migrate collector data from 1.2.x, and display collector names correctly on the public site.

pcoutas: If you don't have your 1.2.1 database, the only way to get your collectors back into your collection metadata is to edit by hand. There is currently no method for batch-editing collections, though batch-editing is on our roadmap for a future release. Very sorry for this.

Bugger. Oh well, I guess this is what they call "getting close to your data" :)

Thanks for the fix though! :)