Collection Browse out of order

I have added my collections in alphabetical order, so that they will display in that order both on the collections browse page and when browsing items.

However, on my admin page and on the public collections browse page, the collections are displaying out of order - collection #8, 9, 10, 14, 13, 12, 11, 15, 16. This is jumbling the alphabetical order.

Is there any reason it would be mixing them up? I am running CSV imports in alphabetical order as well because I need my items and collections to be in an exact order.

Not sure what the reason might be for the collections getting mixed up, but there is a programmatic way to make sure your collections are displayed alphabetically their name, regardless of the ordered you entered them, using one of the plugin hooks available in Omeka.

Here's a bit of code that filters the collections browse query and returns the records alphabetically by collection name. You could add this code to a custom plugin and activate it, and it will sort collections on both the public and admin side. Should work fine with pagination, too.