Cleaning up database after an import

Hi there,

How can I reset my database after having doing several import via the CsvImport plugin. I tried to undo import but some were not completed and cannot be undone. Itried as weel to do it by the URL method but it doesn't work.


Someone can help here please?

If you are talking about completely emptying the database and starting all over with a new installation, you can usually do that via whatever tool you used to create the database in the first place.

If you are talking about just deleting the Items from the imports, you would probably have to do that manually from the admin side. The advanced search options can help you find just the items you need to delete by id range, which might help ease the process.

Thanks Patrick.

I need to delete all the items (around 12k) so doing it manually would take ages.

Is thee any way I can do it without restarting a new installation?

You can use a tool or MySQL client to truncate (remove all the rows) a few tables:

items, files, collections, element_texts and tags should do it. You can also clear out the "original," "thumbnails," etc. directories under "files."

That should pretty much remove anything an import would have added.

Thanks John.

I intentionally deleted the omeka_collections table from my database instead of removing it.

So the omeka was not working anymore.

I will need to re-intall it anyway now :)