Choosing exhibits for "Browse Exhibits" page

Is there anyway to choose which exhibits appear on the "Browse Exhibits" page? The project I am working on calls one of its exhibits "Oral Histories," but the group I am working with does not consider "Oral Histories" to be an exhibit. (The only reason I made "Oral Histories" an exhibit is due to its layout.) "Oral Histories" has a unique slug of "oral-histories," which I would think would be a unique identifier that could make it exclusive... but is there a way to do this to make sure it does not appear on the "Browse Exhibits" page?

I am working with the Berlin theme (version 2.1.3) and found the path: plugins/ExhibitBuilder/views/public/exhibits/browse.php which seems to be the correct file... I'm just not sure how to go about tweaking it.

Step one would be copying that file into your theme. It should go at <your-theme>/exhibit-builder/exhibits/browse.php. You'll want to edit the copy you put in the theme, not the original from the plugin.

What you're trying to do is pretty simple. You'll see a big block of the file comes between lines starting foreach and endforeach. That's the part that loops over all the exhibits on the page and prints out each one.

Inside that loop, the current exhibit to be printed is in the variable $exhibit. The slug of an exhibit would be $exhibit->slug. So, you can put something like this in the loop, at the top:

if ($exhibit->slug == 'oral-histories'):

(continue basically just skips the current exhibit and continues the loop with the next one.)

This did exactly what I wanted it to do. Thank you so much, John Flatness!

So for anyone else who comes along later, this is the exact code that I used:

<?php if ($exhibit->slug == 'oral-history-trust'):
		continue; ?>
	<?php endif; ?>