Child Themes


I'm wondering if Omeka can use child themes in the same manner as WordPress, wherein I would just add a template name for the parent in theme.ini and use @import in my stylesheet to grab the parent styles/templates? I'm particularly interested in whether the page templates (browse, show, etc) can be pulled from a parent theme and whether they follow the same logic as with WP (if a file exists in the child, it takes precedence, otherwise falls back to parent).

I'm going to make a theme that is based on an existing theme and it seems like it would be easier to keep track of the differences with a parent-child separation and would make it easier to check for and fix errors on upgrades etc.

I have a sneaking suspicion the answer should be obvious to me, and yet...



Omeka doesn't have parent and child themes.

Omeka does have the underpinnings for the kind of fallback behavior you're talking about, so you could create a similar situation with a plugin.

Otherwise, it may be simpler to just edit your theme (after starting from a copy, of course) directly.