Changing URL for Collections/Exhibits

I'm curious if it's possible to change the directory name within the plugin/omeka configuration files so that from the front-end we can change the URLs for various things.

Semantically, exhibits aren't actually exhibits, we've traditionally called them "collections" in our past practices and we'd like to continue using that terminology. We'd then like to change the front end URL 'collections' to something different.

I haven't had much luck changing this. Can someone help point me in the right direction?

You can change the titles and main navigation text pretty easily if you are working in version 1.3 and above. In the theme you can customize the public navigation and you can rename " Browse Exhibits" and "Browse Collections" whatever you prefer.

There are Omeka sites that use exhibits to create different types of public side content, such as Case Studies. They are named Case Studies on the front end but the URL contains exhibits and that has not proven to be a problem.