Changing the scroll-over help dialogue in Step 2 of "Add an Item"

I'm not a historian or a librarian or archival specialist of any type, and I find the scroll-over "help" dialogue for the metadata input boxes in Step Two of "Add an Item" to be a bit confusing! I'd like to change them so contributors have a bit more guidance/help that makes sense in the context of our archive.

Is there a way of changing the information that appears? I had a quick look at a couple of files, but it'd help if someone could point me in the right direction! :)

Hi pcoutas,

For the moment, there really isn't a way to edit that text. But, once the new release is available you will be able edit those helper functions explaining the DCMI terms.

One suggestion to take you through this is to use the Site Notes plugins to offer alternative definitions for your users.