Changing space between navigation links and Neatline Space


We would like to have more spacing between the navigation links at the top beginning with Browse Items and ending with Kenneth Landon's academic career 1938-1989 and the Neatline block with the timeline and text at the side. at the link

Is there any way we can do this using CSS or by altering the theme. We are using the Berlin theme with Omeka 2.1.4

Hi mcarring,

It is certainly possible to do this with CSS. If you want to change this for all exhibits you can directly edit the theme CSS. If you just want to change it for one exhibit, you can create a custom exhibit theme following these directions:

When you update the theme, make sure you bring your changes over. I recommend making a backup of your theme before upgrading so that you can refer to it after the upgrade.

In order to actually fix the CSS, there are a couple of options. One would be to add a margin-top to the <div id='content'>.

Let me know if that helps!