Changing Navigation Tree within Exhibit Builder

Hi there,
This is a basic question from a relatively new user: how can I change and configure the font and text placement of the exhibit builder's main pages (e.g. the Browse Exhibits and main exhibit page)? I'm using the easy colours theme.

Thanks for any guidance!

The font at least should be pretty easy, you can just edit the CSS for your theme.

If you look at the source of the page you want to change, or use the Inspector available in most browsers, you should be able to tell the ID or class of the elements you want to change.

You'd then just need to put a style in your theme's CSS to change the font, or font size, or whatever it is you're looking to change.

CSS can also often be an easy way to change the placement of text, but that's sometimes more dependent on the HTML, and a little more difficult to change. Again, it would depend somewhat on what you're trying to do.

Thanks so much, John. How do I actually eliminate the navigation tree on a page like this one?:

(the 0 > exhibition at the top at _Exhibition_ and _History and Related Resources_ at the bottom)

Thanks again for your time,

That's a Simple Pages page, not an exhibit.

With CSS, you could just add a display: none style for #simple-pages-breadcrumbs.

Thanks again, John - sorry for not noting that the question referred to simple pages.