Changing Main Nav in header.php

I am trying to change the main navigation names and links in the header.php file. I added a few an got rid of a few of the presets. But both "Browse Exhibits" and "Contribute" still are showing. (They weren't even in the code before I made the changes to the primary-nav div.)

How do I get rid of them? I'm using the Berlin theme.

Those entries are being added by, respectively, the ExhibitBuilder and Contribution plugins.

The function call to public_nav_main allows plugins to add entries dynamically to the navigation independent of the theme.

If you want to have complete control over the contents of the navigation, you can replace the call to public_nav_main with a call to public_nav. (Omit the "main").

Note that this will omit the navigation elements from all plugins.

Thanks, John, that helps a lot. I want to use those plugins but they don't have to be in the main nav.

Question: is the info you just gave me documented anywhere? It seems I am always running into these types of things as I try to mold my site to the will of my stakeholders -g

There is documentation for public_nav_main and most other theme helper functions on the Omeka Codex, but this particular page doesn't exactly make mention of the difference when it comes to plugins.

Thx again. I'm familiar with those and looked specifically at the pub_nav_main documentation for my answer.