Changing Item Type drops data

Our transcriptions were imported with our contexts (they are essentially the same fields). I imported them as item type Text. I tried to change a transcription from item type text to item type Transcription by changing the Item Type in the item's edit page. (I had created a new item type). I noticed that the Text data fields disappeared. I then reset the type to Text and they reappeared. So the data is there, just not associated with Transcription.

I am looking for a solution to this problem. I would like to change some of the Texts I imported into Transcriptions, while keeping the remainder at Text.

Right now, I did not associate any metadata fields with with the new type. If I add the same fields as for Text, will the information appear there again?

Okay, I just answered my own question. Yes, by adding a Text metadata element to the definition of Transcription (item type), the missing data reappeared.