Changing item order

Forgive me if this is already covered in another forum topic.

I recently started using to exhibit a correspondence collection and I was wondering if there was a way to re-order items once they've been uploaded. Right now, the items display in the order I uploaded them in, but I want to change this.

Any assistance you can provide is much appreciated.


Permanently re-ordering items on the browse page requires a change to a theme; re-ordering them in collections requires the ItemOrder plugin. Unfortunately, neither of these is possible with; you must have your own installation.

For future reference, the documentation for using is available through the Help pages ( and if you have questions you can send them to:

Definitely send questions to

Just to clarify, item order lets users order items in Omeka collections/browse pages. It is available on the plus, silver, gold, and platinum plans:

And there are some ways to use custom URLs to order items alphabetically on the items/browse pages w/out needing access to the server--all questions can be answered specifically through that Help email.