Changing display order of plugins

Hello, all. I'm using both the myOmeka and the iPaper plugins here, and would like the iPaper viewer to show up above myOmeka. But I can't find a place where plugin display is ordered! What am I missing?

Am happy to provide more information, but I don't have enough fu to know *which* information would be relevant. Thanks for any help.

I think you mean that you want the Social Bookmarking plugin to appear above iPaper, right? I don't see the MyOmeka plugin.

Both of those plugins tap into the same hook in the public theme, so you're right that they're currently ordered based upon when they were installed. There's currently no user interface for changing this order. However, there's an easy fix if you edit your plugin's code.

Open up the social bookmarking plugin, and comment out line 9. It currently looks like this:

add_plugin_hook('public_append_to_items_show', 'social_bookmarking_append_to_item');

so make it look like this:

//add_plugin_hook('public_append_to_items_show', 'social_bookmarking_append_to_item');

This basically prevents the plugin from automatically inserting the social bookmarking links into your theme. You can not re-insert them into your theme by pasting the function social_bookmarking_append_to_item(); anywhere in your theme's code.

Ah! Thank you, I appreciate this. No, this was about the myOmeka plugin, but I hadn't realized you can't see any of its features unless you're logged in as a user. Makes sense, I guess.

I'll try your fix, and perhaps report back.