Changing derivative strategy causes CSV Import to hang

I was having trouble getting thumbnails to display with many items, so I changed the derivative creation strategy to Imagick in application/config/config.ini. This fixed the problem with thumbnails, but now CSV Import does not work. It hangs on the first item, importing the metadata but not the file.

I have checked that Imagick is installed correctly on our server.


This is probably not related to CsvImport, but to the rights of the files. Check the urls for your files and check the location: the server should be able to access them.


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management

The file permissions are fine. The items were all imported successfully previously until I changed the derivative strategy. I just can't get the thumbnails to work for all of them.

Just to double-check -- am I following right that regular item creation file upload works fine using IMagick, but in CSV import the process fails after importing one item's metadata, but not the file?

If so, the first thing I'd try is to test creating that first item from the CSV the manual way. That'd help distinguish whether it's a CSV thing or an IMagick thing.

Patrick, yes, you got it right.

I think the problem was actually with my CSV file, of all things. It is working now. So, no IMagick/CSV Import conflict now that that's fixed.