Changes to Geolocation 1.2

Looks like in the latest release of Geolocation, you have removed the ability to customize the placement of the Map. While in the past I could use

<?php if (function_exists('geolocation_google_map_for_item')) { echo geolocation_google_map_for_item($item,'600','325');} ?>

I now have issues when using that code, which just calls the map a second time when the page loads plugin_append_to_items_show() -- but the second time, there is just a blank space in the dimensions of my Geolocation plugin settings.

This seems like a real problem for users and designers who would rather not just drop the map in whatever order and location plugin_append_to_items_show() decides to place them.

Another thing I noticed is that the Geolocation heading is now an h3 tag rather than an h2, which seems out of step with the usual typography of plugin and metadata headings on items/show.

Regarding h2 vs h3, perhaps it would be beneficial to put plugins that display on items/show (and perhaps elsewhere) into unique divs so that their css can be modified without hacking the plugin.

Does the function work correctly if you omit or comment out your plugin_append_to_items_show() function?

It's likely that the problem is that the div you add with geolocation_google_map_for_item() has the same id as the div added by the append hook, so the JavaScript that actually creates the map doesn't see your second div.

Hmmm. No when I comment out plugin_append_to_items_show() the map does not load at all.

any idea what's happening here?

Sorry about the lag time.

You need to echo geolocation_scripts(); before you echo geolocation_google_map_for_item().