Changes to file locations, directory structure

Hi all,

I'm making use of a heavily edited version of the minimalist theme (omeka_dir/themes/minimalist) across the different instances we're delivering.

I have an instance of Omeka 1.2.1 with header.php, footer.php, browse.php, and show.php, all lying along the aforementioned file path (i.e. minimalist/common/header.php; minimalist/items/show.php; etc).

Things have changed in v1.3.2. Is the omeka_dir/application/views/scripts/ file path the correct one for editing show.php? I'm thinking that /admin/themes/ is reserved for the admin webpage displays, etc., so I wouldn't want to edit those.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, the file locations have changed up a bit in Omeka 1.3.

Here's basically how it works: for each given file (header, footer, show, etc.), Omeka first looks in your current theme directory (themes/minimalist for example) for the file. If that file can't be found in the theme directory, Omeka will instead load the "default" file from application/views/scripts. Since the bundled Omeka themes mostly work very similarly, they mostly use the "default" files.

The admin folder and all its subfolders are only used for the admin-side interface; they don't affect the public site at all.

So, the recommended way to edit a file that's not already in your theme's directory is to first copy it there from application/views/scripts, and then edit it. (You can directly edit the application/views/scripts files, but they will be overwritten if you upgrade Omeka).

Thanks for the reply! Confirmed my suspicions - now I can get to editing.