change theme of collections

i was wondering if it's possible to assign collections different themes. it seems that i can change an exhibition's theme but not a collection's. would welcome any advice or suggestions. many thanks in advance.

Hi mhanrah,

Unfortunately switching themes for collections isn't possible as the software now stands. The ExhibitBuilder plugin has its own separate list of themes, whereas Collections are part of the Omeka core, and have to use whatever public theme you have selected.

It might not be too difficult, though, to have multiple style sheets in your public theme, and use a different style sheet for each theme. If so, I can try to come up with something that might work. It would require editing your public theme a bit, and writing your own CSS. Would this approach work for what you need?


I am facing a similar problem - i.e. I need to be able to create a separate stylesheet for one collection only, that does not apply the other collections in our instance.

To provide a bit more context: Like many others who have posted, my group wants to modify the labelling of a couple of Dublin Core fields for this particular collection. It is my understanding that this requires modifying files in the theme.

Jeremy, is this something you'd be able to assist with?